My “DREAM” Writing Area

For our (in)Courage writing group last Friday, we were given the choice to write about another quote we liked from chapter two of the book we’re reading or to describe our dream writing area.  I decided to share what my dream writing area would look like compared to what it is today.  We were encouraged to write this in 500 words or less…I’m up for the challenge! 🙂

My current writing area consists of a small brown shaker style desk that my husband made for me many years ago.  It sits against a wall in our short hallway near the front door and faces the kitchen…the desk has two sides and a back edge along with two front drawers.  It holds a computer monitor with an individual speaker on either side and a key board below it with a nice padded hand rest underneath it.

My chair is burgundy, very comfortable and has two arm rests.   It rolls on five wheels and the back can stay straight or be made to rock.  I receive lighting from the surrounding rooms.

My dream writing area would be a 12′ x 12′ English Cottage style “house.”  I would also use it to store supplies for gardening.  It would have a front and back door with covered porches held up by white posts with a picket fence type enclosure.  The front porch would have a window on either side of the door with a flower box below each window and shutters framing them.  I’d also have two smaller windows on the side of the house and one larger window in the back.

I’d have a rocker and wooden bench on either side of the porches along with a small table by each chair on which to place a book or drink while enjoying the outdoors during a break. 🙂  I’d love to have stony paths leading to different kinds of seating in flower gardens that surrounded the house.

The roof might be metal or have wooden shingles on it.

As you walked inside,  there’d be a wood-burning stove on a raised, rock foundation in the back left corner of the room, and a rustic table with a lamp and comfortable chair centered by the window in the back right corner of the room.   Ruffled, floral patterned curtains with tie backs would adorn each window.

Under the window on the left wall, I’d have a table surrounded by two Queen Anne chairs with throws over the backs for warmth during colder seasons.  The table would have an oil lamp on it and its lower shelf would have books available for reading.

The right wall would have a small rustic three-tiered shelf to hold plants/potting soil for the yard.   The left front corner would have a corner cabinet for storing garden tools and the right side would house a small corner table with a lamp,  an antique washbowl with pitcher, and a mirror resting against the wall.

Finally, I’d throw a large fuzzy rug in the middle of the floor and the walls would display an eclectic of pictures I have taken over the years or Scripture verses that have encouraged me.


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